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This sounds obvious, but it is no less true. Small daily expenses nibble on your budget without you noticing. Set yourself a maximum and delete all unnecessary expenses.

Keep a careful record of your expenses and estimate the minimum amount that you can transfer to your savings account each month. Take on a competition with yourself: try to put more aside than the minimum as often as possible.

Do not accumulate debts

Do not accumulate debts

A credit is sometimes inevitable and it makes life so much more enjoyable, but too many loans are dangerous. As far as possible, make sure that all of your installments do not amount to more than one third of your budget.

Do not use credit to buy useless things. Set clear goals for yourself: what do you need or would you really like? Try to achieve those goals on your own. This will increase your motivation to save.

Make a schedule


It is an excellent idea to set goals for yourself, but how do you achieve them? First of all, set an end date that you are systematically working towards. If you save in the long term, you divide the period into a number of stages to reach your end goal step by step.

Start with a monthly budget to keep a close eye on all your expenses. Reserve a portion of your income for your fixed, mandatory costs (rent, credits, food, health, transport, education, etc.). Then draw up a budget for all your non-compulsory expenses (leisure, electronics, household appliances, clothing, etc.). Try to keep something. Record your expenses to avoid surprises.

Subscribe to a pension savings plan

Subscribe to a pension savings plan

The younger you start, the less you have to set aside each month to receive a good sum when you withdraw. And in this way you also benefit to the maximum from the tax benefits of such an investment.

Are you a tenant? Then one of your goals could be the purchase of an owner-occupied home. Use part of your savings for it and borrow the rest (within reasonable proportions). Your home expenses are probably higher than when you rent, but in the end you become the owner of a property that in time may be worth even more. While you have lost the rent forever.

Reduce your energy consumption

Reduce your energy consumption

Do you find that you pay too much for your heating and electricity? There are many options for reducing your bill. Turn the thermostat one or two degrees lower, turn off the lights when you leave a room and improve the insulation of your home. You will soon notice the difference.
If you have a small capital, the temptation is to get a higher return than what you currently get in a savings account. Attention: stock market investments sometimes yield more, but entail risks. Do not invest at random, but diversify your investments with products that fit well with your investor profile. The investment advisers of Bertram family provide personalized advice, tailored to the profile of each client.

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